Rubber News and Associated Publications

I have acquired what I believe to be a complete set of Rubber News, Black Panther and 2 other titles from the same publisher – Head Girl and Mermaid in Rubber. They were all home printed publications, released fortnightly on the 1st and 15th of each month, and were available on subscription-only during 1966. Content is quite mixed, consisting of readers’ letters and drawings, general rubber advice and book reviews. Each book also describes all the items that the publishers manufactured and offered for sale. Not just clothing, but all kinds of stuff that you might require for a fun night in, these items are described in some detail.

Photographs were also offered for sale in sets that were described, again, in detail. Oddly interesting to read with your imagination working overtime!

All the books I have are complete and in nice condition. I feel reluctant to sell these individually and feel they ought to go to someone as a collection, to be cherished as a complete set. I have tried to research them, but with no real luck. I have never seen another copy in all my travels and rummagings through people’s weird and wonderful collections.

They are for sale as a complete lot – 25 books in total. If you are interested, then please contact me and we can take it from there.

What makes me think that I have a complete set is this page, which was added to Volume 1 No 22. What you are about to read below was an all-to-frequent event in the 1960’s, when publications like this were considered to be subverting the general public. A great deal of material was destroyed in this way in the UK and the USA. We are now frequently only left with what had already slipped that net, making publications like Rubber News rare and very collectable. I am not sure what happened after this volume, did Rubber News resurrect itself later under a different name? If you know more, then it would be great to hear from you, so please take the time to contact me.



As you will doubtless have gathered from various delays in our mailings, we have fallen into some confusion. The time has now come for me to be frank with you, letting you know what the problem is and telling you of my plans to overcome the present problem and prevent it arising in the future.

Following on the scurrilous attack in The People, in which the nature of our business was distorted beyond recognition, we had a visit from the CID, armed with a “search and seize warrant”, under which they took the whole of our stocks of books, photos and equipment for inspection under suspicion that they were obscene.

They did not in any way interfere with our rubber garment business, nor with the documentation relating to it. This is intact and operating fully.

Also, they did not express any interest in our mailing list. No-one, and I repeat NO-ONE is involved in any problems apart from myself. If there are any problems, I have accepted full responsibility, exonerating all my staff on the grounds that they were merely carrying out my instructions for their wages and were not the authors or promoters of anything that has been done.

All RUBBER NEWS correspondence has been consistently destroyed. There is NOTHING for any of you to worry about in this connection. All my authors and artists have also been protected, as well as my models, photographers and the rest.

At this time, I do not know what the outcome may be. It is possible that I shall be prosecuted, although I am advised that this is not very likely because of course the resulting publicity would do more for me than years of patient effort. (As a result of the article in The People I have received over 100 interested enquiries).

Anyway, this is my worry and I do not ask you to share it.

Black Panther

Black Panther runs to 74 pages – the last three or four have popped off their staples in this issue.

Please read below to get some idea of its content. The copy I have has all of its 5 prints still stuck in position. (Very Nice)


The first print of BLACK PANTHER is now SOLD OUT. We are reprinting as fast as we can and shall not keep anyone waiting long for a copy. The price of this 74-page Guide to Rubber and leather is just £1 to SUBSCRIBERS to RUBBER NEWS. To non-Subscribers, the price is strictly £2.

BLACK PANTHER is a complete Catalogue to everything we make, print, publish and sell _ and a lot more besides.

It is crammed with Book Reviews, Photo Reviews, descriptions of garments in rubber and leather, of restrictive equipment in leather and metal and of our whole range of Hoods, Masks and Gags. In addition to numerous drawings, this book is illustrated by 5 glossy photos, each 6″ x 4″, three from our BONDPIX range, and two Rubber Glamour shots.

Impermeable Delectable – Weather Vain – S.E. Supplies

A home-made magazine dedicated to rubber fetishism, which was produced and sold in very small numbers on a subscription basis only. It was published by a rubber latex wear retailer, S.E. Supplies, who later became Weather Vain – a name that possibly more of us might be familiar with.

Each issue had an average of 24 pages, printed recto (single sided) only, with the book being tape-bound along the spine and measuring just 16.5 x 12cm.

Title information is very hard to come by; most of it I have gleaned from looking through the books and an old newsletter I came across on the internet, dated July 1974. I believe the first issue came out towards the end of 1964, with the last issue towards the back end of 1974. Exact numbers are hard to calculate as, although I think the intention was for it to be a monthly publication, in practice this may not always have been achieved – some issues are stated as covering three months at a time.

The newsletter is interesting in that it details subscription rates; in 1974 you could subscribe to ID with or without pictures. I am not sure if that was always the case or if pictures were added as an optional extra later in the run. The price of the book with pictures in 1974 was £1.50 per copy, or 75p per copy without pictures. Just to give you some idea of how few of these may have been printed, the newsletter talks about back numbers being available as just 12 for one issue in 1974.

Content is divided between fictionalised rubber clothing fantasies and readers’ letters. Books that contained pictures showed images of models or readers dressed in rubber mackintoshes, capes and gas masks – sometimes shown in mild bondage positions.

Weather Vain at that time apologises for not having a catalogue, but do encourage you to call into the shop to see their large selection of mackintoshes and slimwear, natural rubber latex available in a range of colours and a small selection of latex lined sleeping bags – all good stuff for your rubber latex lover!

Buy Her Rubber – She’ll Feel Better For It!