Book Grading

I try to be as fair as possible in describing books, so that you are not disappointed when opening your parcel. I, like you, have bought many books that have been poorly described, and have often felt let down by the seller.

Most books you buy will fall into the good category if graded honestly. It is important that you pay attention to any additional notes that may be attached to the grading, as this will point out anything that I think is substantially different, or merits special note.

Fine  –  As near to a new copy as you are going to get, looks like it’s just been lifted of the newsagents shelf.

Very Good  –  No defects apparent, an excellent copy. Clean and flat with bright staples and no markings to the cover or inside. Above average copy, read just a couple of times and has been stored well.

Good  –  An average copy, that may have a combination of minor defects which could include light creases, small nicks to the cover or inside, some buffing to the spine, and the staples could be showing signs of early deterioration. The book, though, will still feel tight with no loose pages. A nice collectable copy.

Fair  –  A below average copy that will have more severe defects as noted from the good category. The staples will be rusty and the centre pages could be loose or even lightly taped to secure. The book will be complete with no rips or pages missing.

Poor  –  A worn copy that feels flat and well-thumbed. It will have more severe defects as noted from the categories above. It will possibly have suffered from being stored in damp conditions, making the staples rusty with pages coming loose. It may have damage or markings to some of the pages and the cover. Notes will nearly always be attached to this grading.

Notes – Please note any additional information with the item description.