Adult Magazines and Related Ephemera Wanted

I am always interested in purchasing second-hand books, cine films, negatives, slides, prints, and any related information. I am happy to purchase whole collections running to thousands of books or just the odd one or two. Please contact me, letting me know what you have to offer. 

I will respond quickly and be fair and open with my pricing. I am more than happy to travel for larger collections, so you do not need to worry about boxing up and posting large amounts of books. 

I will consider just about anything, so please contact me if you think you have something to offer. 

So, if you are looking to downsize a collection or have come across any items from a deceased estate or regularly do house clearances and are finding it difficult to dispose of these items, please contact me for advice. I offer a quick, efficient, and personal service.

Small Format (Digest Size)

Small format (digest size) magazines such as Nutrix, Mutrix, and any Rubber, Spanking, Bondage, BDSM titles. I will also consider Spick, Span, Beautiful Britons, Funfare, 66, Pin-Up, QT, Carnival, Fiesta, Spot On, Stag, Bamboo, PEP, Model, Photo Studio, Paris Vision, X For Men, Strip Lingerie, Silky, Girly, Ladies, Skirt, Her, Kamera, Solo, Femme, Focus, and any other British, American, or European small format titles not listed above.

Larger Size (A4)

There are thousands of different titles, and I am happy to consider any. I am open to British, American, or European magazines from any specialist areas such as Bondage, BDSM, Spanking, and Rubber. Additionally, I will consider Playboy, Mayfair, Penthouse, Knave, Escort, Fiesta, Men Only, Club, Whitehouse, Rustler, Fiona Cooper, and many more.

Films and Related Ephemera

Negatives, slides, prints and hardback books, DVD’s, cine films, – all will be considered.

If you think you have anything to offer from your own collections, or somebody else’s that you may have just discovered, don’t be embarrassed – just get in contact with me for a quick and friendly response.