Impermeable Delectable – Weather Vain – S.E. Supplies

A home-made magazine dedicated to rubber fetishism, which was produced and sold in very small numbers on a subscription basis only. It was published by a rubber latex wear retailer, S.E. Supplies, who later became Weather Vain – a name that possibly more of us might be familiar with.

Each issue had an average of 24 pages, printed recto (single sided) only, with the book being tape-bound along the spine and measuring just 16.5 x 12cm.

Title information is very hard to come by; most of it I have gleaned from looking through the books and an old newsletter I came across on the internet, dated July 1974. I believe the first issue came out towards the end of 1964, with the last issue towards the back end of 1974. Exact numbers are hard to calculate as, although I think the intention was for it to be a monthly publication, in practice this may not always have been achieved – some issues are stated as covering three months at a time.

The newsletter is interesting in that it details subscription rates; in 1974 you could subscribe to ID with or without pictures. I am not sure if that was always the case or if pictures were added as an optional extra later in the run. The price of the book with pictures in 1974 was £1.50 per copy, or 75p per copy without pictures. Just to give you some idea of how few of these may have been printed, the newsletter talks about back numbers being available as just 12 for one issue in 1974.

Content is divided between fictionalised rubber clothing fantasies and readers’ letters. Books that contained pictures showed images of models or readers dressed in rubber mackintoshes, capes and gas masks – sometimes shown in mild bondage positions.

Weather Vain at that time apologises for not having a catalogue, but do encourage you to call into the shop to see their large selection of mackintoshes and slimwear, natural rubber latex available in a range of colours and a small selection of latex lined sleeping bags – all good stuff for your rubber latex lover!

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