All Girls Together


All Girls Together
Nine extremely varied stories only about girls with a pronounced and often very sexual lesbian twist, some (including the first story) by lady authors.
Initiation by Scarlet Submission concerns a teenagers introduction to lesbian sex in the schoolroom.
The Reception by Mary Kerr-Sutherland is for a lesbian dream wedding, arranged by their respective mothers.
Girls Only by Jeanette de Martyn concerns a girls gradual fall from new girl to girl slut at an old-fashioned and strict girls boarding school.
In Dreams Can Come True by Mary Kerr-Sutherland, they do just that for a Princess who craves punishment.
In Welcome To The Community by Mary Kerr-Sutherland, we hear of a self-contained lesbian town, with its extremely arduous and humiliating Reform School regime.
Punishment At St Marys by Deborah H is reminiscent of the on girl action! Famous Five, but with real lesbian sex, and very unschool-like girl on girl action.
What A Mess by Mary Kerr-Sutherland, tells us there’s still spanking in the afterlife!
In Annies Caning a good girl pleads to be caned before she leaves school: Just so she knows what it feels like.
In Mommy’s Musings by Mary Kerr-Sutherland, a mother spanks her child for accessing adult sites on the internet her daughter and her daughter’s lesbian lover for canoodling in In Lovers Caught, by Mary Kerr-Sutherland, mummy punishes mother’s bed.

Academy Incorporated UK – 2008 (82 Pages) A5

Good  –  An average copy, that may have a combination of minor defects which could include light creases, small nicks to the cover or inside, some buffing to the spine, and the staples could be showing signs of early deterioration. The book, though, will still feel tight with no loose pages. A nice collectable copy.


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