Original or Re-Print – BDSM Magazines

When browsing magazines within the genre of BDSM, you frequently see stated that the magazine in question is either an original or a re-print. Originals always achieve more money than equivalent re-print versions.

So, in order to explain why that is, we need to have a little look back at history and the laws in the UK that regulated pornography during the 1960’s right through to the early 1990’s 

The UK had a very different outlook on pornography regulation than most other developed western countries, who had legalised hardcore pornography during the 1960’s. This left the UK out on a bit of limb in terms of what could be easily obtained, as it was also illegal to import these types of magazines from more liberal countries.

This, of course, did not stem the demand; it just created an underground market for magazines from the USA and Europe that had been illegally brought back into the UK. It was not long before enterprising individuals saw a gap in the market for copying and selling these magazines in an under-the-counter way.

So, the re-print came into existence, and it was just a copy of an original magazine. Quality, as you can imagine, varied greatly with some being excellent and others quite poor. It is usually fairly easy to spot the difference between an original and a re-printed version.

Things to look out for:

Printing is generally not quite as sharp as the original.
Publisher’s details have sometimes been removed.
Sometimes the advertisements have all been removed.
Cover pricing may be different from the original.
The quality of the paper is generally not as good.

But, after noting all of the above, it must be said that some of these re-prints are certainly as collectable as their original counterparts just because of their rarity. Nothing of course beats the collectability of an originally printed and published magazine.

Original – Re-Print
Original – Re-Print