Escort – City Magazines 1958 – 1971

Escort magazine during the 1960s showcased British pin-up and glamour at its best, published as a full-size magazine rather than the familiar digest size that was popular throughout the UK in the 1960s. The content could not have been better, featuring full-page colour and black-and-white pictures mixed in with a bit of fiction and a few articles. What’s so nice about it and what personally draws me to it is that there is great model information, with nearly all models being named and basic facts provided, making it all the more interesting to collectors 60 years down the road.

What I have always found interesting is that Escort was found in newsagents at the same time as the ever-popular Spick, Span, and Beautiful Britons books, which couldn’t have been more different. Did the same customers buy both titles, and if they were Spick and Span fans, they might have been surprised to see some very familiar names in slightly racier pictures and poses. I suppose that those models who saw modelling as more of a profession than a few quid on the side were easily persuaded to show a little more.

A downside, however, is that the magazines weren’t numbered or clearly dated, other than having a month on the cover. All the late 1960s copies I have are priced at Five Shillings, so I won’t attempt to put them in any order when listing them. Simply enjoy them as excellent pieces of history when glamour and pin-up were at their absolute best, providing just the right amount of tease and excitement to keep you going throughout the day.

Fiona Cooper – Catalogues or Magazines

Fiona Cooper sold picture-sets and videos from 1978 until 2017. They produced catalogues throughout this period. These were more than mere lists of films for sale; they contained quality full-page pictures and information about the models, aiming to entice you to purchase the videos and DVDs.

In reality, they were full-blown glamour magazines in their own right. However, with the internet gaining momentum, it became inevitable that the days were numbered for mail-order film sellers. Nowadays, we have highly popular websites that offer the same content but deliver pictures and videos digitally, instantly.

Fiona Cooper catalogues from that era are now considered vintage glamour magazines and have become highly collectible. If you collect these films, which are becoming increasingly rare, the catalogues are an invaluable sources of information.

Below is some text taken from the back of a VHS video that, at the time, you could hire from your local rental shop (remember those). It gives you an idea of how Fiona Cooper perceived themselves in the marketplace during that period. I have hundred plus Fiona Cooper catalogues that I will be listing here in the coming weeks. If this interests you, please check them out here.

VHS Tape Back Cover

FIONA COOPER videos have been at the forefront of adult glamour for some years now. Videos that can always be described as SEXY videos…but never as SEX videos. With their own easily recognisable style and format Fiona Cooper videos have amassed a considerable following amongst those who prefer a softer, sexier approach to nakedness rather than a hard, cold abrasiveness. Attractive girls who could grace any centrefold appear alongside “the girl from next door” in a pastiche of sensuality, sexiness, coyness and naturalness all bound together with an extensive wardrobe of sexy undies, uniforms, basques, etc that would do any lingerie shop justice! 

Fiona Cooper Reviews

 “The Fiona Cooper collection are a must for those of you with an eye for glitz underwear…Fiona’s got quite a treat in store…slick stripping and half decent soundtracks give the Fiona Cooper tapes an edge over many of the adult tapes” — Video World

 “If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall of a Dorothy Perkins changing room then you’re in for a treat here”… “Fiona’s fillies are not so coy” — Men Only

Secondhand Books and New Stock

New stock is now being added most days. Lots of new books have been added recently to the UK Vintage Top Shelf and Hardcore categories.

I have started listing again on eBay lots of small-format 50s Pin-Up titles and Playboys, so have a look if that interests you (until they get taken down).

I have recently sorted what stock I have in my store, with just over 5,000 books in reserve that I think are worthy of placing up for sale here going into the future.

If you are a collector of titles from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s from all genres, then please keep checking back and use the search function to locate what you might be after, as the New In page only shows the most newly listed items, so it is quite easy to miss books if you only check in occasionally. 

Public Auction – For books over and above the initial 5,000, (there are a lot more, with approximately another 7000 in deep storage arriving in the next few months), I will be utilising an auction house, Beeston Auctions, who run specialist Adult Magazine Sales on a 2-monthly basis.

The next auction is the 12th June, and the sale catalogue is released about five days before this date, so put a mark in your diaries.

I will be using Beeston Auctions for books that I just don’t like, have too many of, or just don’t want to sell here. So it’s worth a visit if you are an avid collector; you never know what you might see, which is, of course, my problem.

Lots of great stuff to come both here and over at Vintage Fetish.