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BrazenBooks - Fetish For The Collector Not Your Ordinary Bookstore

BrazenBooks is now 15 months old. After the initial burst of activity to launch and establish the site, the pace has been somewhat slow at times. Finding time to list books has been difficult, with infrequent blog updates. As other projects approach completion, I anticipate devoting more time to this website. With thousands of magazines to list, from the weird and wonderful to the more conventional, all vintage and increasingly rare to find, the site’s inventory will continue to expand.

As developments unfold, I will make gradual enhancements to improve the browsing experience. Featured items will be spotlighted via the blog, ensuring that even occasional visitors will find something new and interesting. While the “New In” page highlights recent additions, utilising the efficient search function can further help in discovering specific titles. Tagging, titling, and categorising items aim to facilitate ease of navigation.

Vintage Fetish, the sister site to BrazenBooks, has been going for 16 years. Enthusiasts of glamour and Pin-Up magazines will find a wealth of content on the blog, including thousands of archive posts, digital copies for download, and books for sale. I am currently in the process of slowly digitising rare titles for BrazenBooks, with the aim of offering them later this year.

The future appears bright, and I extend my gratitude to those who have supported the site so far.


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