Secondhand Books and New Stock

New stock is now being added most days. Lots of new books have been added recently to the UK Vintage Top Shelf and Hardcore categories.

I have started listing again on eBay lots of small-format 50s Pin-Up titles and Playboys, so have a look if that interests you (until they get taken down).

I have recently sorted what stock I have in my store, with just over 5,000 books in reserve that I think are worthy of placing up for sale here going into the future.

If you are a collector of titles from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s from all genres, then please keep checking back and use the search function to locate what you might be after, as the New In page only shows the most newly listed items, so it is quite easy to miss books if you only check in occasionally. 

Public Auction – For books over and above the initial 5,000, (there are a lot more, with approximately another 7000 in deep storage arriving in the next few months), I will be utilising an auction house, Beeston Auctions, who run specialist Adult Magazine Sales on a 2-monthly basis.

The next auction is the 12th June, and the sale catalogue is released about five days before this date, so put a mark in your diaries.

I will be using Beeston Auctions for books that I just don’t like, have too many of, or just don’t want to sell here. So it’s worth a visit if you are an avid collector; you never know what you might see, which is, of course, my problem.

Lots of great stuff to come both here and over at Vintage Fetish.

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