The Irving Klaw Years – No 8


The Irving Klaw Years  No 8 (1947-1952) – London Enterprises – (Original)

November 1982  (48 Pages)

THE PENULTIMATE IRVING KLAW MAGAZINE RETROSPECTIVE This is Number 8, and unless somebody out there knows something that we don’t, the next to last in this series of old Irving Klaw bondage pictures.
To us, he’ll always be The Master, better than anyone during or since.
Maybe even better than we.
It’s probably because we were so young and impressionable when we got our first look at these (absolutely like being broadsided by a runaway bucket of spine tingling physical sensations), but nothing since has come close to scoring the emotional wallop these did.
You can have ours; we’ll take these.
As far as we know, none of these pictures have been published before and we have just enough left after this to publish that 9th and final Klaw book three months from now, in February 1983, just about 30 years to the month since Irving Klaw shot the last of his bondage photos and replaced his lens cap for the last time, at least in New York City.
And it is about seven years since we published the first of his nine-volume retrospective of the best bondage photographs ever taken.

Fine – As near to a new copy as you are going to get, looks like it’s just been lifted of the newsagents shelf.