Irving Klaw Years – No 10


Irving Klaw Years  No 10 – Harmony Concepts – Re-Print

Short on pages compared to original copies – November 1992  (40 Pages)

In February of 1983, Harmony released what it supposed was the last of its Irving Klaw magazines the ninth in the series. It seemed evident that the vast archive of Klaw material had at that point been exhausted.
Not so, as it turns out. Thanks to the generosity of two gentlemen a “Manhattanite” and an upstate New Yorker- Harmony has been infused with a large number of Klaw photos that we haven’t seen published before. These photos make up the bulk of this 10th Irving Klaw magazine.
Included with these precious photos are some featuring the great Betty Page, who has lately enjoyed a renaissance that we could never have imagined back in 1983. Ms. Page has recently been featured in sources as major and diverse as Rolling Stone magazine, the television program “Entertainment Tonight” and even had a character based on her in the movie “The Rocketeer.”
We do have one caution: much of the material in this issue may not stack up with the very best work Klaw had to offer. For instance, although there are a number of Betty Page photos, this 10th Klaw edition includes little work from Klaw’s other Five Star models such as Cocoa Brown and Shirley Maitland and Lois Meridan. But since it is Klaw, it’s definitely worth a look. So sit back and enjoy these photographs which were taken in an era when times were simpler and women in bondage were as beautiful as women in bondage can be.

Good  –  An average copy, that may have a combination of minor defects which could include light creases, small nicks to the cover or inside, some buffing to the spine, and the staples could be showing signs of early deterioration. The book, though, will still feel tight with no loose pages. A nice collectable copy.

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