O Fetish Magazine – Peter W. Czernich
Fashion and sex have always been inseparably linked. O turns its attention to a field of fashion devoted almost exclusively to the erotic. Everything that turns you on- whether it’s rubber, vinyl, plastic, or leather, whether as close as the natural skin or wide-cut and flowing – that is our subject. Among the “arsenal” of erotic clothing are corsets, lingerie, garters, stockings, and high-heeled shoes. Dressed this way, one experiences a new sense of erotic adventure, opening up unfathomed dimensions in fantasy. Whether enjoying the sight of a glistening torso in rubber or taking the part of a Victorian boarding school pupil and playing out your erotic dreams – the absolute prerequisite is tolerance, vis à vis others and oneself and our own wishes. Let your fantasies take their head, under control and with style; you’ll find yourself in the best of company.