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Fiona Cooper sold picture-sets and videos from 1978 until 2017. They produced catalogues throughout this period. These were more than mere lists of films for sale; they contained quality full-page pictures and information about the models, aiming to entice you to purchase the videos and DVDs.

In reality, they were full-blown glamour magazines in their own right. However, with the internet gaining momentum, it became inevitable that the days were numbered for mail-order film sellers. Nowadays, we have highly popular websites that offer the same content but deliver pictures and videos digitally, instantly.

Fiona Cooper catalogues from that era are now considered vintage glamour magazines and have become highly collectible. If you collect these films, which are becoming increasingly rare, the catalogues are an invaluable sources of information.

Below is some text taken from the back of a VHS video that, at the time, you could hire from your local rental shop (remember those). It gives you an idea of how Fiona Cooper perceived themselves in the marketplace during that period. I have hundred plus Fiona Cooper catalogues that I will be listing here in the coming weeks. If this interests you, please check them out here.

VHS Tape Back Cover

FIONA COOPER videos have been at the forefront of adult glamour for some years now. Videos that can always be described as SEXY videos…but never as SEX videos. With their own easily recognisable style and format Fiona Cooper videos have amassed a considerable following amongst those who prefer a softer, sexier approach to nakedness rather than a hard, cold abrasiveness. Attractive girls who could grace any centrefold appear alongside “the girl from next door” in a pastiche of sensuality, sexiness, coyness and naturalness all bound together with an extensive wardrobe of sexy undies, uniforms, basques, etc that would do any lingerie shop justice! 

Fiona Cooper Reviews

 “The Fiona Cooper collection are a must for those of you with an eye for glitz underwear…Fiona’s got quite a treat in store…slick stripping and half decent soundtracks give the Fiona Cooper tapes an edge over many of the adult tapes” — Video World

 “If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall of a Dorothy Perkins changing room then you’re in for a treat here”… “Fiona’s fillies are not so coy” — Men Only

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